About Us

siira, or life journey in Arabic, is a mental health platform focused on teaching Arabic speakers how to build healthier relationships and on preventing, mitigating and emerging from personal crises. 

We bring to you conversations that we have at work, at home, among friends and even those we are ashamed to talk about. We learn about issues that affect our lives and of those around us. As you hear others have those difficult conversations, our aim is to provide you with all the knowledge and empowerment so that, one day you might have the courage to start your own.

Prevention, early detection, and intervention are the big wins for mental health. We have chosen to focus on prevention and increase awareness in order to minimize the need for intervention. Siira is carrying in its heart the UN sustainable development goals related to wellness, equality, and inclusion.  Mental health has often been restricted to people with defined mental disorders whereas today, it is being redefined as a universal human attribute and an indivisible component of overall health—important to all people in all countries and at all ages.

Join us in conversations that matter.