RoundTable: We Need To Talk About Little “t” Trauma

Trauma is defined as a deeply disturbing event that impacts your sense of control and reduces your capacity to integrate what is happening to you into your current reality. When we think about trauma, we tend to list war, sexual abuse, natural disasters, physical abuse…and catastrophic accidents. These are certainly some of the most profound experiences one can live. However, trauma is not limit to that. An accumulation of smaller or less pronounced events can still be traumatic, but in the small ‘t’ form like a neglect from a parent in childhood, like emotional abuse, stressful relationship, infidelity, divorce, financial difficulties…Join us on the 14th of July with Dr Myriam El Khoury, specialized in the psychology of trauma as we explore: what could be small traumatic events in our lives? why should we be aware of them? how can they impact our lives? is there a way to heal from them?

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